Saturday, March 31, 2007

Christmas in March!

Well my mail finally arrived a few days ago, here is what the post office "said" they returned to sender...
1. Onstage from SU
2. Stampin' Success from SU
3. Creating Keepsakes
4. Better Homes and Gardens
5. A wish rak with 29 quarter sheets from Ducki
6. A card from my rubber buddy Toni
7-9. THREE cards from my Divine Secret Sister Cherie (I know her name now)
10. A card from my Dabblin' Demo Secret Sister (will know her name in May)
11. A PACKAGE from my DDSS with 6 tea lights, 2 pairs of cute valetine socks, a frog card, and an adorable mailbox tin.
12. And of course Paul's PC magazine.....and the trusty bills, coupons and credit card applications.
I was so upset when they said that they returned it but when it arrived all at the same time it was better than Christmas! Well Merry Christmas everyone!!!

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