Saturday, June 9, 2007

Holy guacamole- Scene it.

Holy guacamole it's already 2337 (11:37pm) here and no post yet. I am getting later and later. Oh about the guacamole I had a guacamole (Maui) burger at Islands. YUM. Then met up with some of Paul's friends from Germany that live here in AZ now to play scene it. So no stamping for me, I'm beat. Plus I have to work tomorrow- not stamping work- I am so bummed. I am missing 2 birthday partys for my friend's kiddys. If it weren't for the paycheck I would be outta there! Oh yeah and that little thing they call an enlistment. Hopefully a bit of stamping tomorrow. Sorry I lied about the sneak peek. Here is a photo of SC- next to Wild Wings in Spartanburg. Julie are you ready for some wings???

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