Monday, August 6, 2007

I'm 25!

A World of Color Lovers:
I will be turning 25 this year. Quite a milestone. Looking forward to the lower car insurance and being able to rent a car. So let's look back at the 25 years I have been on earth…

Day one….it was a cool morning approximatly 4:34 in the morning I entered the world……alright I can't do this to you and definatly don’t want to do it to my poor little fingers! Since my blog is about my craft I will just give you that part. I have always enjoyed crafting even when I was little. I am a perfectionist and have been ever since I can remember. I would fill my plate for dinner so it would be visually pleasing, match my clothes as if they came in a set, color coordinate my clothes in the closet by type. It is a sickness that I have had my entire life but one that I enjoy. Every person in my life is artistic in some way, using all sorts of media….yarn, icing, stained glass, leather, metal, clay, paint, photography, porcelian and me with paper. The person who I am indebted to forever is my best friend Nicole for introducing me to Stampin' Up! and Creative Memories. She had a 4th grade birthday party with Stampin' Up! and I have been making my cards ever since then. The following year her mother introduced me to Creative Memories and that is how we would hang out go to a crop then have a sleepover.
So I started crafting when I was young = no money and using whatever resources were around. This is the reason I have become a hoarder. I can't even open packages of things that are pretty or expensive so I won't use them up. So having supplies and actually using the things that I like is a bit tough because it is like GOLD!
I have made so many friends with these hobbies. I believe that this is really the way to make some of the closest friends. Especially with scrapbooking. You look through everyone's photos and you really get an peek into their lives. Plus everyone shares supplies, ideas, techniques, stories, it is like friendship on over drive.
Well Happy birthday to me- and thanks for all of the birthday wishes! Here's to 25 more years of collecting supplies!


Toni said...

Happy Birthday! That's one sexy picture of you in that yellow wig!!!

Jennifer Ofiana said...

Happy bday Lindsalita! :)
Hope it was a great one!

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