Saturday, September 22, 2007

Oh KEMI!!!

Well first the view driving to the fire station- phenomonal! Then Kemi and Toni posed for some photos. Kemi was pretty hungry so she went to the gas station for some snacks- a corn dog of course! Where she met an Army man. But he was simply tiring so she needed a jolt from Starbucks. She knew that keeping an eye on Lindsey would be quite a challenge (she sat there for 7 1/2 hours and barely finished a page!) So trying to get Lindsey hyped up to be productive they sniffed some glue. This didn't get Kemi going either so Jill loaded her with more caffine- she hearts COKE! But after all of the "pick me ups" Kemi and Lindsey finally hit rock bottom. We love you Kemi hope you had a great time! Thanks to everyone for letting me borrow, use etc. their supplies. I think the only thing I provided on my page was the paper! Stamps from Toni, punches from Jill and Carla it was a team effort getting only a half of a page done. I couldn't have been even that successful without you ladies THANKS!!! At this rate I will finish the book in 12 years and 365 days! And as you could see Kemi really pooped me out!

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kssdesigns said...

I want you all to know I had a blast last night!! I'm feeling a little flat today, but it might just be from all the glue sniffing, coke drinking and meeting army men. I also don't normally stay up so late, but the Starbucks kept me going. Thank you girls so much for having me. It's a treat to be with 3D people sometimes!! I can't wait to do it again. Maybe next time I wont have such a stick up my...and be more productive! Thanks again girls! You Rock!

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