Saturday, September 1, 2007

Photography Class

Meet Herbert my stuffed turtle from Cabelas, meet my friend Toni Miss Twinklie (she has great catchlights)and Minnie's beautiful Lladro statue. While attending Sarah Goodman's photography class (class info)these were all things I photographed, now this is not about composition or going to show you that I am now a professional photographer. This is to show you that I took a leap outside of my comfort zone and created these photos using MANUAL MODE!!! Yes, that's right folks Lindsey is actually using her camera to it's full potential. I know, I know what a shame that I have had it for 2 years plus and just now figuring it out- THANKS SARAH (check out her work)! I will be keeping a photo journal---manually--- no "green" (automatic) for this girl. I see so many beautiful things in this world but have never understood what I needed to do in order for the camera to see the same thing. I am ready to show you my life through the view finder! Are you nervous?


Toni said...

It's Herbert! Great Manual Photo Linds! Horrible fatty mcfatterson photo of me in the background though. I can't wait to take pictures now that we know how to use our manual feature!!!

kssdesigns said...

Great photos! It's nice to see my sister too!

sarah goodman said...

I want to see some more pics on manual girl....bring it on!

Anonymous said...

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Thumbs up, and keep it going!


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