Monday, March 3, 2008


Well here is the last coffee with Toni, tear, sniffle, fart. I will miss our little coffee shop visits. We would share our latest works, newest finds, and a million laughs. Then the next photo is of the convoy that safely delivered my most prized possessions- paper, ink and rubber. It is all out of the trailer and in the vault of my aunt Deanne's house. I have been unpacking it all day and just about done. Once that is all set up there will be some mad creatin' going on. I am ready to let the juices flow! I have lots of new stuff to play with and can't wait! Hasta luego!


Toni said...

That's a big coffee!!! I was up for HOURS after I drank that thing.

Miss airworm!

kssdesigns said...

Fun pix! Looks like you had a great send off. Hope you are adjusting well and enjoying your new adventures!

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