Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mustang Sally lives in the Electric City...and don't forget the laundry!

This was a huge cloud that I had to snap a photo of while driving to a geneology meeting with my Grandma Mac. Mustang Katy watches her BIG SIS Remick play a softball game (which they won). And learning about custom white balance with 2peas this week! Oh yeah and the fact that I need to tackle my laundry. I have been working on my Aunt's Disney Cruise Album, my Mom's Horse Album, Miss Arizona 2007's album, and my Sister's Wedding Album, of course and the Mustache Book. I will share my progress once I get a handle on it all! I can't seem to stick to one project all the way through, I get bored. I need drama, stimulation and chaos to feel normal I have decided. I don't sit down and finish a page, I let it marinate over a night or two then put it all together. So more on that soon!

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