Monday, April 7, 2008

Photography week one...

The Two Peas week one for 12 weeks to better photography is learning about Aperature Priority. I took a picture of this berry bush. I really like learning more about my camera and being able to control what my camera sees. Ah, control! Here's to better photos for better scrapbooking!

My cousin Shane is quite the dancer, I go out and watch him dance. This time I brought my camera- he flips and twirls all the girls! Too bad my ACL is torn and I can't get out there as well. It is quite a rush.
Guy in great jacket walks up to Lindsey sitting at the bar.
Guy in great jacket: "Would you like to dance?"
Bum leg Lindsey replies: "I have a torn ACL" (said while rubbing her knee)
Guy in great jacket: "That's a great excuse" (walks off in disgust)
Poor little fella.

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