Thursday, June 26, 2008

Birthday wishes

Quick card, inspired by a layout in the 2008 summer Take Ten mag.

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SixftPixy/Coleen Browning said...

Hey Lindsey!
I sure love your blog! Mine has no class, no pinache', I hate the color and want soooo badly to change it and improve it. It's a time and lack of knowledge thing..
THAT's not what I'm here for, however!
First, your cards are incredible, wow, you're soooo good at creativity, cards and photos!
Second, sorry for "emailing" through your blogspot, but didn't know any other way to get in touch to remind you to PLEASE COME to our crop (Robyn and I) on Sunday the 29th, at MOM's from 1PM to 9PM...haven't seen you since the retreat, and I've missed you...we're serving dinner, and have a little cruisin' gift for you as well. We REALLY want you to be there if you can!
Have a great day, and we hope to see you Sunday! Coleen

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