Saturday, June 7, 2008

Strange Saturday.

woke up got some layers in my hair

stopped off and made another pop up box at MOMS with Cheryl

watched a bicyle pass a car (it had broke down and then the bike cut them off at the

intersection as they were pushing, you don't see that everyday!)

crafted a bit at Old MacDonald's Craft Barn with my aunts

went to the Golden Corral with Tammi and Jamie and feasted

then drove around forever trying to find a pool party of my 5yo BFF, past some kids yardsale 3 times perhaps they didn't recognize the screaming banana truck all of the times I rode by

passed the minivan with the birthday girl - talk about small town huh!? I was close and only passed by the pool once. Not bad for me!

started to rain on the way home, ran into some deer outside the animal shelter. thought it was ironic that they were there, perhaps they looked up places to get out of the rain on the internet and it led them to that address.

strange, but it's my life and I wouldn't trade it!

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