Friday, October 24, 2008

Birthday thank you's

Better late than never! Had to play with the new colors and new sets!! Getting ready for a craft faire in November (my aunts with the yarn store invited me to join their table), I have about a month to prepare things. Not really sure what I will be making but I know it will involve my scor-pal and stamps. So there should be much more creating in the future. I also ordered stamps with my work logo from this site I found from Elise Blaha's Blog. Very fast delivery and you can make anything a stamp! So creating some custom congrats, thanks for your business, and such will be in the making as well. As for my little leg, I am going strong with physical therapy three times a week as well as on my own. I am ahead of the curve, getting more range of motion and strength everyday. Can't wait to be active again!

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