Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Fall Retreat at MOM's

This is my loot from MOMS- cool huh! Being that I am the mayor of margaritaville it's a perfect "happy hour" theme for me! I have a HUGE thank you to go out to Melissa. Let me talk for a bit on this gal. She is the most fun, spunky, giving, warm hearted, absolute blast to be around, pee your pants funny, pack your stuff 4 times in and out so you can attend a retreat, silhouette winnin', cell phone ringtone singin', openin' doors while slippin', BEST person I have EVER met! Girl, you mean the world to me and I will never forget what you have done for me this past month. THANK YOU!

So what all has been going on with the ole' leg. I am off the crutches except for long distance walking so that is really cool. I get the 11 staples out on Friday- yeah, these buggers are starting to itch. Can't wait to frolic in the snow- had a bit this past weekend but it all melted. My physical therapist said I am ahead of the curve. I can bend it 104 degrees, long way to go but that is huge to pass up 90 degrees let me tell you!

So what else has been going down in Lindseytown. Things with Josh are great, he is still a sweetheart. We have almost finished Alias, man I miss that show. Melissa has me started watching her Grey's Anatomy collection.

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