Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I love clouds

And these babies were pretty cool. They were on the way to a bowling party with my coworkers. Groovy. And thanks to Bob my weather friend I am slowly learning the names of them. **Updated** These, according to my poster Bob gave me are called M4 Altocumulus.

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bob said...

Nice Alto-Cumulus shots!! They're also called "Standing Lenticular" clouds and are pretty cool looking most of the time. They form as air moves over mountain ranges and causes a wave in the airflow. Where the air goes up in the crest of the wave, a smooth cloud forms. Because it's in the crest of the wave, the cloud usually stays in one place even though the air is moving through it...which is why it's called "Stadning". Sometimes the wave forms right over the mountains, but alot of the time it's just downwind, so we're in a really good spot to see those kind of clouds around here. The Lenticular part is a latin name from it being shaped like a lens. Hopefully that's not too much weather geekness. See ya Lindsey!

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