Sunday, February 1, 2009

C'mon Greenhorn

In the ranching business I am a Greenhorn, a newbie, a pee-on. One day I will learn that cats don't get fed horse pellets, you jump out of the truck while it's moving to open the gate, how to work a pitchfork, to walk across a cattle guard with ease, the difference between a steer and a bull, how to swing an ax. One day my horns won't be green. Perhaps I get to pick my new color of horns or change them with my outfit, or is that not rancher like? Photos are of me trying to chop ice, Josh and I on the four wheeler rounding up the bad bulls that got out, Princess, Nesquick my favorite little steer- he is the only one this color so I can spot him, and of course petting a cow, she's pregnant and should have a calf next month. I guess the photo with the cow is much like the Saguaro photo in AZ.

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