Wednesday, July 1, 2009


When the digi shack came out with this little fella I knew he had to be mine. So many sentiments can go with him! Inside I put the sentiment "Maybe the hokey pokey is what it really is all about" Put your giraffe arm in, put your graffiti arm out.

So funny story about that...

My sophomore year of high school I walked into my language arts class and I saw giraffe on the chalk board. I asked Mr. Moore what it was doing there. He said "a freshman asked me what a "gear-ra-fee" was." I started laughing, once the second person walked in they asked what I was laughing at and I said read the board. She did and said...oooooh graffiti.

Groovy things I have learned lately:

Deer lose their antlers every year, each year adding a point.

Canon will give you a discount on product even after your warranty has expired if you fall into their loyalty program. I got this (a refurbished one) for 135 dollars!

Find some great free stuff from here.

If you are parallel with the water while water skiing, you are bound to get a nostril full of river.

And my creative challenge update...

Right now I am finding my creative 20 minutes when I should be doing something else, and late at night. It has finally warmed up in the basement so I want to be down there. What I accomplished:

[5] cards

[25] thank you's

[28] gift certifcates

[3] 3x3 cards

[1] My idea of home album, just waiting on finishing touches for the cover

And have a serious plan for Nicole's wedding invitations, now just cutting and glueing need to take place.

With that I am challenging myself again. 20 minutes a day and see what I can produce.

[3] Goals:

Complete Nicole's Wedding Invitations

Create an easy to find stamp index of all of my stamps (currently just stamped randomly on pages with their set, I want categories so if I need to find a bird stamp they are all together).

Double my card and scrapbook pages from last month. The scrapbook pages goal should not be hard at all! I know I set the bar high!

1 comment:

The Digi Shack said...

When you figure out how to index your stamps then let me know so you can come index mine too :D

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