Friday, June 19, 2009

Just one of those days. Ugh.

Some days you just want to end. Ugh. Where nothing can go right. I should have turned around and went back into the house when I dipped my jacket in a blob of butter. Oh no, I kept on moving forward and got my hands super greasy putting my air filter back in. Then a crappy day at work followed. Just as I was driving home I thought, my great day can start NOW. So I started mowing the lawn. I couldn't get it started because it is really hard to pull. Once it did after about 300 trys, it ran out of gas halfway through the backyard. Of course it would! Happened to have a little can in the garage. Pheew. Get the back yard done, get half of the front done, and wouldn't you know the handle broke! Ugh. Some days just need to end. But I couldn't help but laugh at how stupid it was. Just as I am trying to drag it into the backyard my friend Liz calls and I tell her about my crappy lawn mowing experience and she laughed at me and my broke down mower. This is Square Butte on one of my drives to Stanford a few weeks ago. I would like to say I want to go back to this day, but that means that this one would replay too!

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