Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Gee I think I LOVE it!

Inspired by Elise Blaha to complete the same number of goals as your age. I took up calligraphy because I love kwerner's writing. So two muses that got me to a new hobby I love. I have the most amazing instructor that will forever be my friend, Ruth McDonald Gates. I think it's safe to say I'm addicted.

As for my 27 things to do before I turn 28...

I started this on August 6th, the day I turned 27.

Try new restaurants-tried 2 so far one of which is a keeper

Take photos of everyday people in my life

Get my passport renewed- have the papers

Have a six pack- did 25 sit ups one day, pretty pathetic progress but it is just that progress

Make my own purse

Learn how to cook Shrimp Alfredo

Organize Photos on computer- using photoshop to tag everything...a work in progress...every new set of photos are tagged and if I have time and stay off the internet I am plugging away at the million old photos

Paint walls in house- have paint color pick out and mixed now putting it on the walls is the goal

Paint a mural- want a cherry blossom branch in my bedroom and an old world map in my bathroom

Teach Shelby how to scrapbook- just need to set a date she's ready she has already been asking

Stop feeling intimidated by people- have not really documented why I let people do this to me, but seeing myself stand up for what I believe in here lately makes me think there has been some sort of progress

Read 7 books- two down, the forgivness formula and sacred hoops which I recommend both to everyone I know now.

Learn how to proficiently use Photoshop Elements 7- learned how to make sepia tone, tag, upload and resize. really looking to dive into the computer tricks 3 by Jessica Sprague

Stop assuming what others feel- not exactly comfortable, but definatly making steps with the help of my good friend Liz.

Make headway in geneology

Utilize the stories in hand to document

Finish a degree- looking into UGF and the COT with plans to begin in 2010 full time

Join a volleyball team

Complete 270 layouts- not one started, eeek!

Bike for 3 miles straight

Learn how to slolam

Have full range back in my knee

Throw a frisbee more

Learn Calligraphy- lowercase lessons completed, beginning on uppercase

Learn how to BBQ- Josh taught me how to do steaks and corn in the husk- Yum, where is summer?

Meet 30 people a month- not tracking this very well at all, hmmm not sure on the progress

Be more comfortable with emotionally intimate relationships

I can say I am really impressed with my progress. Now creating the book to put them in, perhaps that should have been a goal as well. 12 out of 27 is not a bad start...and I still have 9 more months to go!

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Toni said...

If I tried to do 34 things before 35 I'd never get it done. I can't even do the 2 things on the weekends that I intend on doing. You're better off than me :) Teach me calligraphy would ya?!

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