Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Meeting my mini sister

Meet my niece Ella, I just did myself. She is a firecracker. Looks exactly like her mom.

My nephew Scott on the other hand is finding more out about me.

-Bought him a red gatorade. My sister says look at what Lindsey bought you. He gets really excited and is asking his mom how I knew it was his favorite. I said it's my favorite too. He is shocked. He quickly asked me what my favorite color was and I replied Blue. His eyes got wide and said MINE TOO! Still simply amazed that we would ever have similarities.

-He looks at me, then looks at his mom, looks back at me and says you look a lot like his mom. Then he squishes my face with his hands perhaps thinking it is a mask. Then gives in and says you really do.

-He has howework to finish and I say that I will help him, he kinda scoffs at me and says my mom will help me. I said let me try, what do you have to do. He replies I have to write ALL of these letters and I don't know how many to do! I said right here it says 3 with two spaces inbetween each letter. He snatches the paper back and says my mom will help me. I said I can read and that is what it says right there.

Soon there will be a day where we may only have red gatorade and the color blue in common, I'm sure I will always look like his mom, but one day he will think his mom doesn't know everything. A little bit sad, but for now she is Queen.

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