Thursday, February 25, 2010

Up to my ears with PAPER

I continually buy paper. I am not sure why I make the purchases I do. It's 5 for a dollar, it's pretty, etc. With stamps I always ask myself will I use it on three things? If not, it's not the stamp for me. I really need to get a grip on this with purchasing paper as well. I found these vertical organizers at Hobby Lobby and I love them. I have a real love for black and they have a folded down flat bottom. The vertical paper holders from cropper hopper are a bit flimsy for me. I am a rough and tough scrapper and need a paper holder that will stand up to the abuse.

Problem = could not find paper quickly without making a HUGE mess

Old way = stacking paper on floor or shelf by color and stacking on top of each other

New way = vertical storage holders containing multiple colors/themes that can be sifted through in a snap

What I like about the new way = I can grab the green, teal and blue vertical file and find just the right shade without taking them out of the storage, and if the paper doesn't work I don't need to restack them. I just slide the unwanted sheet back into the file.

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