Friday, April 29, 2011

29 E-isms on the 29th

As promised, 29 E-isms

1. Has had 2 puke free days since this whole puking fiasco started. It's been going so long I can't remember when it started.
2. You can be standing behind him and still know that he is smiling. Those enormous cheeks of his wrinkle up as if his whole body wants to smile!
3. Laughs when you wipe his undercarriage (Josh said, 'uh oh he figured it out down there') dirty boys.
4. REALLY tickleish, just like his mom. Mainly his neck, belly, back, thighs and recently the inappropriate area. Alright everywhere.
5. Wants to sit up or stand up all of the time.
6. Been on some walks with mom. Hoping to get a cart to pull him on the bike too! Ah spring, we have been waiting for you.
7. Can push himself backwards on his back.
8. Can roll himself backwards in the walker, that was a shocker, watch out this guy has wheels now!
9. If he hasn't had much sleep he cries when people laugh or talk loudly.
10. Will ignore you if he's had enough, again just like mom according to my gram.
11. LOVES music.
12. Is a bit chatty when we are driving in to Great Falls now, funny, before he never made a peep which made me think I forgot him!
13. Doesn't like the bright sunlight.
14. But oddly enough loves to look straight into light bulbs or big overhead lights.
15. Is a bugger to get to nap.
16. Sees a feeding specialist, QLC, physical therapy, dentist (in May), eye doc, lung doc, pediatrition, gals at the Basin Medical Center for weight checks and Synagis shots (for RSV, the baby flu shot), the blind school, and a GI specialist from Seattle.
17. Takes 4 meds 2 times a day. Miralax to prevent constipation, Erped to increase appetite, Prevacid for acid reflux, and QVAR for his lungs.
18. Still not a big fan of belly time.
19. Not big on snuggling unless he doesn't feel good.
20. Reaching for everything as if he can use the force to bring it to him.
21. Everyone is saying he looks like a Soulsby boy, mainly Troy (Josh's brother).
22. Then everyone says he has blonde hair like his mom.
23. Then the light hits it just right and it turns bright orange.
24. His blue eyes are here to stay. We are thinking he got them from his Grandma Jackie and Aunt Courtney.
25. Everyone that sees him says he looks so big. He's not growing very fast according to full term standards but for Eli standards everyone is noticing.
26. That's right he's gainin' and is now 14 pounds 1.5 ounces. Don't worry I'm lifting with my legs people!
27. Wants to stand on your lap, but then twists around to flirt with someone else.
28. After his last synagis shot he started drinking from the bottle. Not an entire one all of the time but it's a start!
29. And as tough as it's been these moments make it all worth it. We love our little E.

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