Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tutorial Afterthought

These were two projects I completed a while back.  My aunt had purchased the lamp for me at a thrift store and the shade was in dire need of a face lift.  The base has 3 different colors gold, gold that was supposed to be bronze, and brown that was supposed to be copper.  Until I said ah the heck with trying to find a copper/bronze that I liked and went with black I had on hand.  I found a tutorial out in blog land that used spray adhesive to attach fabric.   Basically this is what I did.  My apologies for no tutorial photos, this was obviously an after thought.
1. Purchased fabric, trim and tassels without knowing the measurements of the shade.
2. Located spray adhesive, nothing said fabric specifically but went with high tack multipurpose.  And it was acid free which will come in handy for other projects that might include photos.
3. Traced a pattern by laying the lamp on multiple sheets of newspaper.  
4. Cut the newspaper pattern.
5. Cut the fabric a bit larger than the pattern.
6. Laugh at myself for buying entirely too much fabric for this project.
7. Ironed the trim.
8. Waited for it not to be snowing and freakin' freezing so I could spray the adhesive outside.
9. Waited some more.
10. Finally got out there to do some adhering.  
11. Note to self: wear gloves when spraying the adhesive.  Fingerprints will be lost on the nozzle if this note is not taken seriously.
12. Second note to self: DO NOT put gloves on after spraying the adhesive.  Hands will become attached to the inside of the gloves.
13. Heat up hot glue gun and realize that I only have blue hot glue sticks.
14. Roll with it anyway.
15. Realize that when working with a $2.99 hot glue gun you have to work fast because the glue dries just about the same time as it is applied.
16. Check out the finished product.
17. Snap a photo and realize this would have been a good step by step tutorial.
18. Say ah the heck with it and type it up anyway.
19. Use the extra fabric for a curtain for the front door, so the baby blanket that was duct taped to stay in place could be retired. 


Leah said...

Nice job... I like both of them!

Toni said...

hahahahaha love the steps. You did a great job and you can't even see the blue glue...I didn't know you could get colored glue!

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