Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Felt so urban while in Denver.  It was nice to get away over Memorial Day.  Josh's Mom took Eman for the long weekend so we could really escape from reality.  Josh chose Denver.  We didn't think we would get out of town because of all of the flooding.  We forged 2 rivers that were flowing across the interstate.  Reminded me of the computer game Oregon Trail.  We got down there to visit Josh's sister Skye.  She is the perfect person to visit in a moments notice.  She had a complete itinerary prepared in 24 hours.  I had a facial, we went to the ball game, tried new restraunts, shopped, relaxed, enjoyed a friendly gathering where we watched a movie they projected onto their garage.  Super cool.  We weren't ready to leave and are always ready to go back.

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