Sunday, February 25, 2007

My husband and I

This is my husband Paul and I at Momoishi (our first date, ahhh). She is a miniture Statue of Liberty in Shimoda Japan. She is along the same longitude lines as the one in New York (they face each other). Anyway this is the man that encourages me to stamp. He only harnesses the finances every now and then believe me he should do it more often-- we are running out of room. I absolutly love stamping and wake up at 5 am just to do it. Whether it be puruse a magazine, search the internet, or actually making a card- stamping is a part of my everyday life. I am inspired by color. Everywhere you look there are color combinations (clothes, houses, landscapes, sunsets). So when sitting down to my craft table I pick a set and a new color combination that I have found that day. Most of the time I would never put those colors together but I get some amazing results. My favorite colors happen to be black and white. So you can imagine the variety if I created using only my favorites.

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