Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I'm going Postal!

Alright, I went to Texas for some training about 17 days or so. I am excited to return because well it is nice to sleep in your own bed and use your own shower. But also because I love getting mail and I had been going through withdrawls for 17 days! I receive three magazines that I have been seeing on the shelf and telling myself not to buy them because they are waiting for me. I am also a part of two secret sister rounds, wish rak and the club everyone wants out of the good ole' bills. Anyway I go to the mailbox and hope to see tons of stuff, but what do I get a PINK SLIP that says your mailbox was too full and all of your mail will be returned to sender....where is the date oh right, just my luck YESTERDAY! I am so upset. I call and they have nothing. My question is why couldn't my trusty mailman leave a little something in the box instead of a measly pink slip. So here is where the blonde roots come shining through...I thought it was 30 days or longer that the PO needed to be notified. Well it is 10 I was WAY off. Also do any of you know if you can contact the magazines to have it resent or do you pay the postage. I have never had this happen, there must be someone out there that has experienced this! Thanks again ladies you rock!

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The Art of Cards said...

That's ridiculous...why couldn't the mailman leave your mail on your porch? That's what they do here. Maybe that's illegal but that's just ridiculous! Did you get any mail at all? They could have at least left what would fit! I'm be down at the PO yelling at someone! That sucks b/c I sent you something too :(

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