Friday, March 14, 2008

Dragonfly and a little bit of humor

The dragonfly card is from a wish rak image, I am finally breaking into them. I hate the color glorious green and found this color combo on this site, and don't think it's so bad. Well after the thought in my head I wanted the second card to look like a form with ink blotches on it, but seems I picked burgundy instead so it looked like blood. That is the reasoning for the sick sentiment. That's when I knew I should stop because they were getting pretty bad!

After a sneak peek of spring I think we are back to having some snow. Man I was wearing capri pants and flip flops when I left AZ. And moved to a place where 45 degrees is a heat wave. Better go put on a sweatshirt before I freeze! Teeny tiny flakes are falling now ever so gently. This weekend my youngest cousin turns two and she has a bouncy castle in mind. Hmmmm, where to put a big blow up castle that is away from the snow and cold!? Happy Friday!

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