Saturday, March 15, 2008

Pirates and Montana Bars

Both of these cards are made with Wish RAK images. This set is too cute, but not sure I would use it that often. Created my own sentiments- this was the early part of the getting out of hand with sentiments day. You can see why I stopped on yesterday's post.

Well since I have been here things have been pretty interesting. Everytime I see my mom's side of the family I go home with some sort of grocery item. So far I have been given a loaf of cinnamon bread that was 45 cents, squash fresh from my aunt's garden, a frozen chicken, bananas, cinnamon twists (my FAVORITE!), and then always a togo box from my lunch a patty melt and fried chicken. I have been on a fried chicken kick for two months now. I think it has come to an end. I seem to get in a rut with foods. I will eat them every chance I get then I will be good for a year.

Yesterday went with my cousin to show her friend's sister a real Montana bar. Which was pretty cool because I hadn't been to most of these places. We stopped off at The American Bar, Centerville Bar, a bar in Tracy, Belt Brew Pub, and Harvest Moon. So the firsts we saw in the bars were a two headed calf mounted, hydraulic jacks leveling a pool table, someone I had met a few days ago (this town is so small "I" ran into someone I just met!) saloon doors, a man lick a woman's neck, so to say the least it was very interesting! But on the way home we were pulled over for going 5 miles over the speed limit. My cousin had to follow the cops finger and sit in his car so that he could see if she smelled like alcohol. So we all met a Montana State Trooper as well- talk about the icing on the cake!

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