Friday, February 6, 2009

Now hiring!

Interesting how my friends are always little seamstresses. Toni and Melissa both are and I am jealous! So Melissa was up to something and while we were recovering from Margarita Meltdown the next morning at JB's she gave me this beauty! Can you believe it. Totally perfect for me and even has my name on it- so no stealing! I thought well better put it to good use and serve up some coffee. The ladies at JB's were jealous and asked her to make them all aprons! Not sure if she will be producing a full line or anything yet but she was flattered. Coffee anyone...Toni?

1 comment:

Toni said...

This is great! I love it. When you mentioned aprons I thought, wow what a small world because I've been an apron makin' fool the last 6 months but I have yet to show them to you. They even have names on them but are much more industrial looking because they are for hair dressers :) I'm actually getting them Pattened. I'll have to tell you all about that one. But yes I would love a Venti White Mocha please :)

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