Thursday, February 5, 2009

Ready to Meltdown

With the heat wave we are having...I believe it was 61 today. Wheew turn on the A/C and bring out the flip flops! Great Falls has a fundraiser that is right up my alley. Margaritaville Alley that is! Margarita Meltdown is a fundraiser for the Eagle Mount. We had a ton of fun with all of the hats and glasses. I love Bob's popeye look- totally in character! Josh and I are so nerdy. While waiting for the camera woman, Melissa we both thought crazy tounges were in order- talk about cheese and corn! And the photo of Josh totally reminds me of when Melissa first showed me a picture of Josh before we met. I said "He looks like a Beatle". But she took it as he looks like a beetle, she gave me a dirty look and I thought what the heck- no no no yellow submarine beatle!

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