Saturday, February 14, 2009

Who's the greenhorn now?

Josh, my boyfriend the greenhorn. Alright perhaps they were small mistakes but I had to bring attention to them. I also have my very own cow. Well I wrote the tag for her and said this will be the cow I watch for. She is number 802. She is evil. No I don't think you understand she is REALLY EVIL. So as I was showing her to Ray, Josh's Dad. He said she has a nice build but maybe just a bad disposition. I asked him if that was just like me. He laughed and said 'I am not sure about your disposition.' HA! Although I wish I had 128, she had the first calf this year and has the best disposition. You can pet her whenever you want. So I do. There are 4 mini cows so far, a bull got out and knocked up a few mommas. I guess the rest won't show their little white faces for a while longer.

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