Monday, June 8, 2009

A Challenge!

I know June has already started, but I am publically announcing that I will be doing something creative everyday this month. I am setting aside 20 minutes of my day that way I can't say I don't have 20 minutes and actually follow through with it. Funny, my volleyball coach in High School said I needed to practice my follow through when hitting and how that has seemed to show up later in my life is weird! I didn't realize it until now. Well this month I am going to make a small change for a creative payoff. I really have gotten out of the creative swing of things so this is my jumpstart. I keep taking pictures so my list of todo's gets longer. But here is my first attempt at a new habit! We'll see when I squeeze in my 20 minutes. I'm excited. I would like to continue this for as long as I can, but a month seems feasable. This way I can get some of my projects that are just collecting dust done and move on to new creative horizons. This post lit the fire under me.

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