Monday, July 27, 2009

Eventful Fourth

Alright the fourth...

-first time to Hay Canyon in the Little Belt Mountains

-great food, mmm I love food.

- music, amazing music by the thanks to hitch hiker Brian

- Carol saying how she loves to look at all of the faces around the fire, so many have come and gone

- Carol, Bonnie and Josh have been keeping the tradition alive with perfect attendance for 28 years

- drove down to Stanford

-forgot keys to the banana and bag

- waterskiing at Matt and Tammi's

-Tammi burned her leg with boiling water then spranged her ankle trying to get out of the truck

- Brent's boat sucked a rope, then later almost sunk

- Gerald's boat wouldn't start and a 100' 80 year old tree fell 8 inches away from it

-found out that Hitch hiker Brian fell 30 feet while rock climbing and was rushed to the ER

-went safely to sleep in my own bed, geez that was the only safe place

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