Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Just 3...I can do that.

So, just before I decided to change my entire life I found zenhabits. Thanks Ali! This site has inspired me to make many changes in my life. I am a list maker. A MAJOR list maker, they should probably have a 12 step program for me, but writing out the 12 steps wouldn't help me stop writing lists! Anyway I have searched the blog high and low for the post that has inspired this and had no here to do list is longer than I am, so zenhabits says to break it down and complete 3 tasks each day that are moving toward your goals. This is my little book 'just 3' to keep me on track. It's the smallest book I have made to date. Awww....ooooosheee boo boo do boo. Used some of the chipboard I cut at the Scrapbook Hideaway, new Martha Stewart stamps, the bind it all for the second time AND a new in color for '10. All of that jam packed into this little book for "make progress on my to do list" motivation.

1 comment:

The Digi Shack said...

What a great book! Love it. I should make one - I'll put that on my list of things to make since that seems to be the only list I ever make.

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