Friday, November 27, 2009

Where chaos once lived...

Goal of 2009 is to get a grip on what I own. Organization is really taking over in my craft space. That's a good feeling since it has been a place of chaos for so long. These are paper covered chipboard dividers that I created to divide my completed cards. They are in a microfische file cabinet that my boss gave me for FREE. Gotta love that!

The categories include...

baby boy

baby girl

boy birthday






get well

girl birthday

just a note

lady birthday


manly birthday

manly congrats

manly thank you





thank you


So far every one of my cards fits into one of these categories. But they are easy enough to add or remove a few. I have found using my cards I have already created so much easier because there is no question about what the inside says. It save me time because I am always grabbing a card as I am running out the door to meet someone or go to an event. I have not made cards really in a year so my stash is really taking a hard hit.

1 comment:

Toni said...

Love how you've decorated the dividers. I should do that...someday!

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