Saturday, August 7, 2010

How Did I Do?

I had an ambitious goal to complete 27 things before my 28th birthday.  See post here.  Totally inspired by Elise and her mini birthday to do books.  So I made my list of goals last August making sure to include these categories from this post over at Zen Habits..., social, physical, intellectual, psychological, professional, and recreational.  My list, seeing as though I had 27 things I wanted to accomplish, was large and very grand.  This year, I plan to keep them a bit more achievable.  I have made the bare bones of the book, but it is sitting on my table at home and I will photograph it when I return.  Here is the update of how well I did. 

Try new restaurants. Did up a bunch of new restaurants in Seattle and Salt Lake City. Tried 3 new ones in our home town.

Take photos of everyday people in my life. Never really broke out the camera for this. I hate being the 'everyone squeeze together and look over here' person.

Get my passport renewed. Just have the papers standing by, waiting for a future trip to motivate me.

Have a six pack. Did lose all of the baby weight I gained.  Not in a healthy way though.

Make my own purse.  Found a pattern, need to find fabric.

Learn how to cook Shrimp Alfredo. Josh found a good Alfredo recipe link and he mastered it, now I need to attempt it myself and add shrimp.  Or maybe I just let him make it for me.

Organize Photos on computer.  Been away from my computer and have been adding photos to Josh's computer.  Basically making more of a mess.  I do have the tagging down in photoshop elements though.  I will share more on this later.

Paint walls in house.  Had Josh's house painted by someone else since I was pregnant.

Paint a mural.  Haven't decided which wall to do this own, maybe it will be for Eli.

Teach Shelby how to scrapbook.  Never worked out with our schedules, we're both ready and waiting.

Stop feeling intimidated by people.  Working on this one still for sure.

Read 7 books.  Finished 'The Happiness Project', Sacred Hoops, What to Expect When You're Expecting (read up to the part before I gave birth, perhaps i will write a book on premature babies for parents) and The Forgiveness Formula.  Currently reading ...The Millionaire Next Door and some art book.  

Learn how to proficiently use Photoshop Elements 7.  Watched some tutorials here.  Would still like to try out my brushes and making collages the Hof3 showed me.

Stop assuming what others feel.  Had a bit of experience with this in Seattle, and didn't take it personally.  Guess what, it wasn't anything I said or did, it was just a bad day!

Make headway in geneology.  My Grandma and her sister are going to narrate photos of their family to my Grandma's niece and I.  Still need to set this up!  And while we are down in Salt Lake City I am going to do a bit of research on my Grandma's father's side.

Utilize the stories in hand to document.  Haven't used yet and need to see if I can get the child portion.

Finish a degree.  Started with 50 something credits from before.  Finished 12 credits during Spring and Summer and still have 18 credits to complete that I took incompletes in, better get cranking on that because Fall semester starts on August 25 and I have signed up for another 15 credits.  Slowly pecking away.

Join a volleyball team.  Found 2 people who play in the city and 1 that plays for the guard, maybe next year.  There are 3 teams that would love to have an extra person, just bad timing.

Complete 270 layouts. There were only a few layouts completed, and seeing as though I am away from them I am not sure exactly how many, but you can count them on one hand.

Bike for 3 miles straight.  Did a bunch of walking in Seattle, maybe I can keep the active spirit up!?

Learn how to slolam.  Just need to get out on the water, but tough since I am not near water or a boat!

Have full range back in my knee.  Still need to work on this, man people were right, once you have kids your whole life changes.

Throw a frisbee more.  Watched people do it twice, but didn't find the time or a frisbee.

Learn Calligraphy.  Recently purchased kwerner's handwriting class and practice in my journal.  Haven't done much for actual calligraphy in a while, but keep these on hand in my purse just in case I get inspired.

Learn how to BBQ.  Not any BBQing since the steaks and corn Josh taught me how to do, and I am sure I have already forgot how to turn it on!

Meet 30 people a month.  I have met well over 30 people a month since Eli arrived, and hey I met him too!  I have a feeling this boy will bring many more people into our lives.

Be more comfortable with emotionally intimate relationships.  Not much progress here.

I am going to stick with my plan of keeping a balanced list with my categories.  I will be adding the spiritual category because my 2 required religion courses I took this summer really got me thinking.  I will update with the 27 book and my new list soon!


joven said...

beautiful blog..pls visit mine and be a follower.. thanks and God bless..

Anonymous said...

Amiable post and this mail helped me alot in my college assignement. Gratefulness you for your information.

Danielle said...

Thanks so much for leaving a comment on my blog. I love hearing from readers so very much. You have a wonderful blog. I signed up for Elise's big mini book workshop & can't wait to make a mini book.
Take care!

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