Monday, October 4, 2010


 While on my drives to Stanford I have a lot of time to think, and by a lot, I mean an hour.  The other day, I passed a cloud of dust.  After further investigation, I realized there was a dirt road someone had just travelled.  It made me think that the dirt road and the creative life I want to live are very similiar.  

Dust collects on things that have not been used in a while.  A load of dust does not pile up over night, it forms in layers upon layers due to neglect.  The creative life I want to live is victim to dust.  For far too long I have been watching ladies through magazines and blogs make their creative dreams come true.  Whether it's designing, creating daily or running a creative business - ladies all over the place are making it happen.  Why can't it be me, oh because I'm not an artist, a certain religion, in a big city, fill in any excuse you can think of, I've had it.  As I have been admiring these creative gals my own creative path was becoming covered in dust.  Rarely did I dust off my skills to become one of those creative gals myself.  NO MORE!  There will be quite a bit of dusting before I am able to polish what I am meant to do in my creative life.  Two weddings helped me remove some dust and continue down my own road to creativity.  It felt good to dust off my skills and put ink to paper. 

Kickin' up dirt and leavin' dust clouds!  I am on a creative journey, my own road.  Kickin' up dirt that people may or may not see and that is not the point.  Getting on the road is the point, making dust clouds is just a perk.  Time to dust off my skills and create.


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