Monday, October 11, 2010

Late, Late and Late

I am always late.  As hard as I try, my timing is always off.  Always has been.  Maybe I need to wear a watch.  Ah, who am I kidding that doesn't help either.  With the hard time I give myself about being late and the promises to be more prepared for the next thing, I am late for something else.  Funny thing is, I was a Girl Scout, and the motto is to 'Be Prepared'.  What happened to my training?  Perhaps my badges need to be revoked. 

My Grandmother's sister sends a birthday card to me every year and it always arrives the day of my birthday.  She's works miracles or something or she is the polar opposite of me!  I think about something that is coming up, be it a wedding, birthday, celebration of some sort for someone I know WAY ahead of time.  While letting the thoughts of what I want do for them marinate, they get lost.  I then find myself in the last minute trying to create this MASSIVE project I have created in my mind.  If it is a card, the inside is blank and I write a little personal note to the recipient.

I want each card, gift, what have you to be EXACTLY that person.  Their personality, our relationship, or a funny joke to make the perfect piece.  Even if I started in the moment I thought about it, I wouldn't have enough time.

Talking with my Sculpture professor she asked what I wanted to do with art.  I told her I would like to make cards.  I explained to her that the cards I make send to people are hanging on people's bulletin boards, framed, even displayed on the back of a toilet [may not be a place of honor to you, but it is the one place you can almost guarentee everyone who visits your house will go, it's prime real estate!].  My professor had been reading the blog where I wrote about Eli's adventures.  She said that I have a way with writing and perhaps they are not keeping the card for the 'art' but for the message.  She left me with the words, you should look into that more.

Since she said those words this past spring, they have been dancing around my head.  Writing, hmmm, I don't know about grammer or have perfect spelling.  I guess who cares.  The people in my life, even those who are Mr. Spell-O experts and grammer gurus like to read what I write, especially when I write about them.  So these cards I created [in photoshop by the way] with the inspiration from Elise's You're the blank to my blank cards.  This way I can fill them with whatever I want.  You're rockin', You're cool, You're my aunt, You're sassy, You're the best, the list goes on!  This way, if that perfect card didn't come together in time, there is a back up that will sufficiently hold the words that they might cherish forever.  Bad grammer and all!

Or if all else fails, better late than never as my Mom always says! 

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Leah said...

Cute card! Just another thing we have in common... I am always late with cards!

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