Thursday, October 21, 2010

My Life Twin

I have been following the footsteps of a woman and didn’t even know it. Her name is Lynn.

She grew up in Phoenix. I grew up in Phoenix.

She bought her first house in Great Falls, Montana. I bought that same house.

She had a preemie. I had a preemie.

She makes cards. I make cards.

She loves my cards. I love her cards.

She thinks I am one of the greatest women she’s met. I think she’s one of the greatest women I have met.

I asked her to keep a diary so I would know what will happen in my future! She oozes creativity and love. Just another little perk is her cards, she draws them and her son paints them. I love when they grace my [snail] mailbox. This is the collection to date. Exciting to think it will grow along with our friendship.

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