Monday, November 1, 2010

Unexpected and Looking Forward

Unexpected in October

My Mom visited. [more on her later]

My friend Toni visited. [more on her later too...miss ya girl]

Old man winter visited. [wish there would be no more on him]

Earned an ‘A’ in my history class! [slowly pecking away at #15]

The cows came home. [their party is over, which means ours is too]

Eli had his first sleep over with Grammy B. [we didn’t even say goodbye to him, man parents of the year!]

Josh made room for my clothes at his house. [that means moving the clothes is the next step, ugh]

A new neighbor moved in next door. [have yet to meet them]

Looking forward to November

My sister Courtney is bringing my niece Ella for a visit. [super excited to see my sister and her sassy miniature self]

Getting a flu shot. [well, not entirely looking forward to it, but will be nice to get it out of the way]

Completing all of my incompletes. [yes that means you photography, science, english and math, evil #15]

Selling some creations at the hospital craft faire with my Aunts. [once the above task is done, let the creating begin!]

Thanksgiving. [mmm…I'm thankful for yams and family]

Completing my PT test. [adios #24]

Eli’s CF test. [want to hear officially that we can cross off cystic fibrosis from his ‘side effect list’]

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