Friday, November 12, 2010

Just Visiting

I LOVE visitors!  It's so easy to get stuck in a routine of doing what I have to do rather than what I want to do. 

When a visitor arrives it is just what I need to mix it up a bit. 
  • Special groceries are bought to prepare meals to share with the honored guest.
  • I get the motivation to do those extra cleaning projects in preparation of their arrival.
  • Simply hanging out at the house is more exciting because they are meshing their lifestyle with ours.
  • We take the time to go on an adventure, because they will only be their a short time and we want them to really soak up your environment.  The ranch, Giant Springs, and Real Deals are always on the list of 'must sees' for a first timer.
  • The good ole' tour of the house, complete with the 'I'm not a house-keeper disclaimer'.
  • Splurging on a meal or two out.
  • Studying their routine, whether they need go to bed early, have a special pillow to sleep with, or need the tv on.  It just facinates me to see a glimpse into their life. 
The questions that come along with being in a new environment...
  • do you have a wash cloth?
  • will their be coffee in the morning?
  • do you have an extra blanket?
  • can I use the internet?
  • where's the bathroom?
With a brand new visitor, there is some transition.  Although, with the regulars they want to know what you have changed in their room, I love the ownership that comes with frequent visits.  It's fun to show off our little Eli, the newly improved gate, or that really cool clock I picked up.

With any arrival of a visitor always comes the bittersweet departure.
  • Dropping them off at the airport or walking them to their car to say good-byes.
  • Squeezing those 'extras' into their luggage in order to escape mailing it.
  • Knowing that reality is just around the corner when we return home.
Signs that people have visited my house are another close favorite.
  • Extra towels to wash.  I LOVE laundry almost more than visitors.  Towels are the best laundry because at my house they get their own load and perfect 'no thinking folding'.
  • A cup next to their bed.
  • A meal they cooked, a random item they forgot, or a gift they left.
  • Smiling at the new collection of photos from a different perspective of your relationships, environment and adventures.
Their memory lingers and I love it.  The good times you had, the awkward blending of routines (I'm not a morning person which works for some, but not others) or the amazingly easy rythmn you seem to achieve with some guests.  I love to hear someone is coming, even if it's just tossing the idea around, it gets me in a tizzy.  Nothing like a new baby to get people motivated to visit.  Thank you Eli for being such an attraction!  Whether they can stay for 5 minutes or 5 months, we'll take em'!

Josh, Lindsey and Eli's household sign reads VACANCY.

Our rotating visitors started in September and just finished yesterday.  Here's the recap...

Visitor No. 1: Ramah, Eli's nurse from Seattle came to visit and it was a blast. She loves E and has a special bond with both Josh and I which was very evident with her natural transistion into our world. She joined us in Dry Wolf mountains to play washoos (of course she became addicted immediatly), brought gifts to be sure Eli would be dressed like a stud, had the gift to soothe Eli during his cranky time, and when I said I have visitors for September, October and November but who will be visiting in December she said "Santa!".  Thanks for visiting girl!

Visitor No. 2: My Mom, I love her! I was a real treat to see her for a length of time. Normally she is flying through so fast I almost forget she visited. I was facinating to see her with a baby, my baby, in a way it was like watching myself with my baby. My sister and I are always pointing out that we are turning into our mother, it's not a bad thing, it's funny. My Mom is not a baby person like me and watching her relate to Eli was facinating. I feel with my Robot Mom abilities that Eli will be lacking and wish he had a more loving, natural mother. But I thank my Mom for visiting to help me realize, I love her just the way she is and Eli will love me too (my robotness and all!). She brought Eli a minature cowboy hat, it was adorable and of course she was the paparatzi while she was here which I love too. Miss you already!

Visitor No. 3: Toni, my dear friend from Arizona came to see my new world. Wow, it was quite a change from the last time she saw me. She met the two boys in my life, saw my tiny town and ranch that I will soon call home, was the best friend ever and joined me at a geneology conference that was scheduled during her visit, had to hit up the main attractions of Great Falls (Giant Springs and Real Deals) and of course couldn't hold ourselves back from coffee, bookstores and Michael's. I taught her how to make earrings, which I hear now that I have created a monster! I wish my 'stampin' friend lived closer for sure, we weren't able to spend enough time creating or dreaming of creating for sure. She celebrated Eli's first halloween with us and almost missed her flight due to my poor timing, or was it my way to try to keep her, no one will ever know.  The pictures are taken by Toni and man was I slackin' because there is not a clear photo of her in the bunch three I took, shame on me.  So I guess that means we will have to meet up again girl!  Thanks so much for coming up and seeing my new world, when are you joining me!?  Miss you so much!

Visitor No. 4 and 4.5: My sister and niece from Illinois. It's weird to see my sister with a second child a girl this time (Scotty had to stay home). It's weird to see so much of my sister in my niece. It's weird to see how much she rubs off on her children and weird to think that will be me with Eli. It's weird to see her has a nurse (she did so well with my aunt in the hospital for her brain surgery) so caring, calm and together. It's weird to see her leave, we always wish she could stay longer.

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Leah said...

Yeah.. collage in ps.. check! Someday we will visit and we will get some pics of the NICU boys together ;)

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