Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Robot Mom No. 1

 I am not a 'big baby person'. Not meaning I only like small babies, I am just not mushy gushy over babies like some folks. I joke that I am a 'robot mom'.  I don't know how to hold them, talk to them or even be around them.  It was so obvious that I am my Mother's daughter when I watched her with Eli.  It was hysterical, we talk to him like he is 45 years old, get all stiff when we hold him and look like the most unnatural humans on the planet.  But then I realized, I love my Mom, I could not ask for a better mom.  Who cares if I am not the the baby whisperer, Eli won't even remember it anyway!

After watching Knocked Up [way before I had Eli] I knew I wanted a Baby Bjorn. Having total use of your hands while toting a babe is more my style. Here's where the robot part comes in. So I whipped out that bad boy baby carrier and enjoyed the freedom of having my arms once again. Eli and I did the dishes and just walked around the house. Josh kept looking at poor Eli with his arms sticking straight out, almost having to be up in the air because his armpits rest below the top of the carrier. Even though Josh and I questioned the comfort, Eli was having a blast.

I took the little man to town [I live in Great Falls] and thought, I could really get the car packed in a hurry if I put my lil' joey into his pouch. While trying to shimmy him town into his fave new spot I realized that there were arm holes below the top of the carrier! Oh geez, poor little guy was needlessly getting tortured through his armpits last time!!

And after that you would think that I knew my way around this pouch, but oh no...it's was bugger to get him into and out of this fabric contraption. I found quick release things that disconnect the top part. Genious! If that was robotic enough I let Josh's mom try it out and she found how the bottom disconnects for easy pouching and depouching. Man, four times to find out those Baby Bjorn folks knew what they were doing! Robot mom gives Baby Bjorn two arms thumbs up.

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