Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Checkin' the 28 List

3. drink water, ooh I have gone down the soda road yet again (sorry I just had to pause to take a drink of my root beer)
5. find peace, check, after reading this book I might know where to find peace.

6. complete a daunting task, check, I guess there is something good that comes out of living at the ranch during calving season and not being able to go outside due to the cold/windy weather. I organized my computer files. Man it feels good.

11. eli's book, makin' progress. I have taken every post from his website to include in the album, now I need to start the printing (as if I am afraid I might complete this daunting task- ooh then I could cross off #6 again!)

12. creative business, check, ready and open with many more ideas to come. This is something I could get used to. Thanks Leah for being my first customer!

15. complete incompletes for school, CHECK, school's out for Lindsey! Woohoo, just awaiting 3 grades to be updated.

18. be thankful, check, sent out some valentine love
23. take Eli on adventures, check, had some nice weather and took Eman on a walk in his baby bjorn pouch.

26. read, check just finished the secret (which helped cross off good ole' #5) and another one of Ali's books


Leah said...

I am glad I could be your first ;) You are accomplishing a lot!
you go girl!

Toni said...

Look at you gettin' stuff done. So that book, i've been contemplating reading it but you know me and the whole religion thing LOLE! Congrats on being done with school finally!

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