Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Robot No. 4 -A Cookie Gone Wrong

Premature babies have trouble eating because they have had tubes down their throats, never learned how to suck/swallow/breathe and basically have been force fed their whole lives. Eli is no different. Our goal is to create good experiences orally so he will not develop an aversion. After becoming a lil’ gun shy from choking on what is supposed to be a dissolvable pill Eman didn’t want anything by his mouth. So I thought I would coax him out of this state with a cookie. These cookies require supervision. He goes after them like a Rottweiler and chomps off huge chunks, aka choking hazards. Next thing I knew I heard a big CRRRunCCHHH. Let the choking begin. Already wearing my Robot Mom cape, I flew to the rescue, immediately remembering the video training I watched it was like I had already performed the finger sweep on a plastic baby, oh wait I had…Eli needed a bit of patting (don’t worry CPA, the correct amount of pressure was applied) which triggered the lovely up-chuck reflex. Once Puke-E was settled I shed the puke over or pullover and continued on about my day. Later I realized I was struttin’ my stuff sporting what seemed like a gallon of puke! Imagine, this would never happen if I had a sidekick (currently accepting applications). Eli must have aimed the puke down into my pullover, sneaky little puker he is, bery bery sneaky. In case anyone was wondering what trends have hit Stanford Montana, feast your eyes!

1 comment:

Toni said...

Hahahaha! You're covered in puke! that's too funny. I'm pretty sure it was all part of his master plan. Make mommy walk around with a puke shirt. It's the latest craze don'tcha know! Kids everywhere are doing it.

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