Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Robot Mom No. 3 -Getting Saucy with Robo Dad

Since having Eli Josh and I don’t really get a chance to go out to eat together. Well we had the opportunity and went to Jaker’s because I love their soup and salad bar. Nothing special just salad bars aren’t to-go friendly. We have become the king and queen of delivery or take out when we are in town since Eli can’t mingle with the germ carrying population. It’s an extra special treat to go to a restaurant. In true date night fashion we went out and even ordered an appetizer- bacon wrapped shrimp with some sort of plum sweet and sour sauce. Yum.

The waitress clears away the entire table attempting to balance it all on one are and the top of her tower was the plum sweet and sour sauce which of course came toppling down and landed in Josh’s lap! I watched the lil’ chippy of a waitress dive into Josh’s crotch in hopes to clean up the sauce. This is the point in the movie where the waitress would start apologizing for her reflex to clean him up and touching him inappropriately. But, not this girl! Oh, no. She was still down there working diligently to de-sauce Josh, and Josh at this point has leaned back to enjoy it! She apologizes repeatedly for her clumsiness, but nothing about wiping his crotch for a half an hour!

We laughed all the way home. I kept laughing thinking of Josh having to drive home with a plastic bag under his butt to protect his seat. The laughing didn’t stop when he had to change his boxer briefs because it had soaked through! I think all of my laughing set me up for Karma to sauce me.

On another day, I went to Perkins with my Mom and my Aunt. The waitress brought all of our food at once each served on a plate that was 14 pounds alone. I have no idea how they balance these puppies on their arms. Well I think our waitress was asking the same question. I didn’t know if I should grab my Mom’s plate to help the poor gal out, but the plates moved in what was like slow motion- right into my lap and down my side! It was cocktail sauce that was attracted to me the most. It was in the pocket of my jacket even! As we look around for more napkins we see the other waitress behind her that was only carrying a side salad- what the heck, think perhaps she would have been helpful with the rest of the meals? Anyway, she quickly returned with a wet rag and looked at the sauce oozing down my side onto my butt. She looked at me wanting to help desperately but realized she would have to touch my butt to do so, and paused, and asked permission. After the waitress wiped my butt and hearing a million apologies from the other waitress we died laughing. Of course I had to tell them about Josh’s experience and that I had it comin’!


Leah said...

Oh how I wish I could have seen this! And what was the reson for changing boxer shorts?!?! lol!

Toni said...

Bwahahaha! Now you know what this mean, yet another woman knows what josh's thighs look like!

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