Friday, April 15, 2011

Lately On the Ranch

It has been calving season.  Just about over 'bout 30 more cows to go.  It's been fun since people have been visiting.  Visitors are always welcome.  Vacancy at the Soulsby Ranch! 

First Skye (Josh's sister from Denver) surprised us for Eli's birthday.  I am such a chicken that I could never buy a plane ticket without making sure the people wanted company during that time, yadda yadda.  But it's a perfect time during calving season because no one is headed out of town and definitely looking for someone to come in and mix things up!

Then my aunt Deanne brough my Gram and her sister Dorothy out.  Of course we are not sure who everyone is visiting, Eli, the cows or us.  I think it truly goes in that order.

My friend Liz was looking for a retreat from the big city life.  LOVES Eli, and cows and got rid of a tension headache for me.  Needless to say she is invited back.  Plus she risked her life to feed the cows, she is deathly allergic to hay!  Of course she was there for a ring fiasco which I will share later.

Josh's aunt came out to visit.  And since I have known him I have seen her for a total of hmmm, 7.4 minutes.  It was cool to see Bonnie's sister because it brought new light to her personality.  She is very much like her oldest sister which is cool.  Same humor.

And most recently Josh's other aunt Helen came to visit for Steve's (no photo of the birthday boy oops!) birthday.  She brought her little sweetie dog, Rocky too.  Super cute lil hot dog girl. 

My car got some TLC from Josh's brother Les.  Well, maybe more than expected.  It needed it.

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Toni said...

You are a bloggin' fool! I love it. I love to read what's new!

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