Saturday, April 16, 2011

Wondering what new tricks Eli has up his sleeve?

1. He turned 1 year on March 29th.

2. Doesn’t like cake to touch his hands.

3. He can see about 4 feet away from him. Without his glasses that is (I lost them and when I called the optical shop the gal said, ‘oh yeah kids lose their glasses all the time’ I told her, ‘nope I think this one was 100% me’. Robot Mom in action for sure.

4. Strokes his button as if it was a goatee; you know like men do when they’re thinking.

5. Shimmies his way up to the top of his wedge in his bed and uses his blanket to pull himself up and sit up!

6. Sucks on his toes.

7. Has 2 teeth on the bottom and looks like his two eye teeth want to come in next. Baby vampire perhaps?

8. Laughs A LOT. It even lines up at the right times as if he knows what we are joking about. Smart baby.

9. Smiles immediately if you say his name. Then his dimpled gummed smile makes you smile which makes him smile which makes you smile. You get the picture.

10. Tosses and turns until he goes to sleep, most of the time with his blanket over his face. So much like his Dad.

11. Eats some milk by bottle and some by the tube.

12. Can roll from his belly to his back and back side to side.

13. Chews on EVERYTHING.

14. Really grabs your face, hair, ears, neck and whatever else he can get his little hands on.

15. Sports #2 diaper and 6 month clothes.

16. Sleeps through the whole night but has to be woke up to eat.   Josh says he looks like road kill when he sleeps. 

17. Consumes a little over 18 ounces of 30 calorie formula a day.

18. Pukes up at least once a day.

19. Which results in many loads of laundry. Good thing I love laundry, too bad puking is what brings more laundry into my life.

20. Gags frequently.

21. Weighs in at 13 lbs. 5 oz.

22. Measures 26 ¼ inches long.

23. A twinkle is in his eye when he smiles at Grandpa Ray and we figure it’s because he doesn’t give any medicines or force milk on him. What an easy job just to love an adore a little baby boy!

24. Wants to sit up or be held almost every minute. Thankfully he has many folks who want to help him with that.

25. Rarely cries and if he does it’s not even that loud.

26. Likes the feeling of going down stairs. Will he be a rollercoaster rider like his mom or prefer to be safe on the ground like his dad? Mmmm, fair rides and fair food. I could go for a Viking right now!

27. Takes a few cat naps throughout the day, 20 minutes max. Then it’s the mad dash to get something done or take a nap yourself. I’ve been mixing it up a bit lately. Right now I am typing this post during a nap. Productive I know.

28. LOVES people. Seriously, if you want to chat he will listen.

29. Eli is a HAPPY HAPPY boy.

I would like to make this more of a regular thing. 29 things Eli is doing. Wouldn’t it be perfect to line it up with the 29th of each month too!? 29/29, kinda like 20/20.

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Toni said...

I love the picture of him at the table. So funny. He's making great strides I see. Miss the little guy and can't wait to see him again!

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