Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mr. Man

The Eman.  He's a hunka hunka burnin' love.  These are definitely getting enlarged into BIG prints.  Can't wait to see Mr. Man on my walls.  Thanks Leah for capturing our little cutie!
 This was Eli's mood after the shoot.  Well a bunch during the shoot too.  Poor guy, the tourture we put the little ones through to get some good shots.
Eli's great aunt Deanne made this hat, and when I asked her if she recognized it she said no.  I asked 'didn't you make it!?'  She said, 'oh yeah, but it's inside out!"  Geez, leave it to me and Leah.  Well if your knitting looks this good on the inside you know you are good!

 Anyone zooming in on his teradactile toenails!?  How embarrassing.

 We couldn't resist!
Eli has been holding up 2 fingers like he's saying Peace!

This is by far everyone's favorite.  You can see more of his personality coming out.  I think in reality we need 12 people entertaining the little man to get him to really open up!


Leah said...

Hmm can I comment on this post? Oh well... such a cutie! Loved doing them for you ;)

Toni said...

OMG he's getting so big. He looks like Josh that's for sure! Haha I was thinking maybe the hat was inside out...so cute. Those tears are too much!

Toni said...

P.S. I'm snagging a couple of these for my new picture area!

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