Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Ring Fiasco

Once there was a girl on a ranch far far away.  Her friend was visiting and they had grand plans, a baby shower being one of them.  Before this said shower the girl put on hand lotion, removing her most prized possession, her engagement ring.  She was to marry a rancher; a knight in muddy armor.  The girl and her friend had a lovely time at the baby shower; snatching clothes pins, laughing over punch, nibbling on the tastiest cake in the world, melting plastic babies out of ice cubes and ooshee boo booing fluffy baby clothes.  After the fancy party they found their way back to the castle where they were to tend to the herd of cattle.  The girl took photos of her friend while she loved up on a calf.  After the friend and calf parted ways they found themselves back inside where they played a divine game of Mexican Train.  The conversation turned to hands or rings and the girl looked down and didn’t have her ring!  Oh, no!  What’s a girl to do.  And her knight questioned her where his symbol of love had been lost.  She could not remember.  She raced down the stairs to see if it was next to her lotion.  Checked her gloves, her coveralls and then remembered she had taken photos of her friend out in the corral.  Mud and hay covered the poopy paradise.  The muddy knight and friend assisted the girl in finding the ring.  With flashlights they searched to no avail.  It was lost forever and she would never have something so beautiful from her muddy knight again.  They all thought back to what had happened, where could it be?  After what seemed like weeks (most likely 45 minutes) the girl put her hand in her pocket and pulled out the ring.  Alas!  It was found.  And as all fairytales end, insurance was put on the diamond the very next day.  The End.

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