Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Man at Work

Karen is AMAZING.  She is Eli's physical therapist.  I swear he listens to her better than anyone else.  She says he needs to sit up straighter, roll over, reach, and he will do it at the therapy session or immediately when we get home!  Maybe we should have her tell him to drink all of his milk.

Look Mom!  No Hands!  Karen really pushes Eli and I love that.  He is so proud when he can do something new, like he even shocked himself.

Barbara, Eli's feeding specialist is AWESOME!  She had him tasting graham crackers dipped in apple sauce.  He just might have been more excited about her reactions than the actual food.  Eli and Barbara are having a good time, not sure if Josh is contemplating sawing off Eli's leg with that graham cracker!

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