Tuesday, May 15, 2007

What are the chances?

Well if Sunday I watched a dog die, wouldn't today be the perfect day to go to the job fair a day early and see the JAWS of LIFE in ACTION!? Wow- pretty amazing. So I am in business dress sweating like a hog and then some guy decides to get in a wreck to ruin my day. Geez what are people thinking! No, I am just glad they walked away. It was an older couple and the wife was trapped, looked horrible and the 700 fire trucks and ambulances didn't help. But I was hot and in a bad mood. Alright here are some things you don't have to do if you DO NOT have air conditioning in your car....
1. Dress up- you could be naked and still be hot.
2. Shower- by the time you get to where ever it is you are going smell like hot garbage anyway.
3. Worry if the passenger is too cold/hot, they are ALWAYS hot.
4. Roll down your window to drive through the gate or a drive through- it's always down.
5. Brush your hair because you will look like a stringy haired biker chick by the time you get there (sorry to all of the stringy haired biker chicks out there).
6. Use an actual bathroom- you could wet yourself and no one could see it through the enormous sweat stain in your crotchial region. (crochial is a technical word in the dictionary de lindsey)
Alright 7-10 are for you all to fill in....if you have had A/C all of your life I want you to know I hate you and want you to IMAGINE what it would be like.

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