Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy 29th Forever Tammi and a RAK

My cousin's wife turned 30 this year but didn't want to because that meant she was old and couldn't be a kid anymore. My Grandma on the other hand was born in 1929 so always says that she is 29 again. I thought yet, Tammi will be just like my Grandma and be 29 forever! I love this set out of the occasions mini! And I received an adorable card from Kemi over at KSS designs! Isn't she sweet!? She has some great stuff she has been doing with her score pal lately.

Day two at work was better than day one, hopefully day three is better yet! I guess that is good when you work from the worst day ever- it can't get any worse!

I received my order from TAC, had Taco Bell while watching The Holiday, cut stamps, sharpened 119 prismacolor pencils, cleaned up my craft room, watched the end of Because I Said So, and then slept until 3am this morning. Geez, don't you hate waking up that early. Oh well, Happy Wednesday!

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